Blue Orchid Web Development provides custom, hand-crafted websites for small businesses, organizations, and churches. Working with careful attention to the message and face you want to present to the world, we build what you need.

There are plenty of ways to get a website, and many providers of free or low-cost templates to get your site up and running quickly. These are great services that are often the right solution. But what if you want to move outside the guardrails? What if you want more control over the look and functionality of your site? What if you want to move it to another hosting provider? Will you be able to do that without rebuilding it?

Maybe you already have a site. Is it responsive? Does it look as good on a smart phone as on a desktop? Is that really the most recent photo? Does it represent your message well? Are you reaching the audience you want to?

One solution is to learn to code and build the site. Then maintaining it, and keeping up with changes in the technology, will be another constant in your list of things to do. This is an admirable undertaking and there are many ways of accomplishing this learning. But, do you have time? Do you even want to?

Blue Orchid exists to take this weight from you. After taking the time to understand what you like, and what you don’t, we work to create a web presence that is the right fit for you. Maintenance, updates, changes, and additions can all be handled by you or by us. It’s up to you. It’s your website. Shouldn’t it look like you?